What is included in each flexijet 3d system?

FLEXIJET 3D laser measuring system is delivered with:

  • Integrated 5 MP camera for photo documentation of measurement details directly on site
  • 7 ”touch screen
  • Tripod – tripod, made of carbon fibre, useful height 65 – 155 cm,
  • High quality tripod bag
  • FlexiCAD software, 1 workstation
  • Plastic practical high-quality suitcase
  • Battery charger for FLEXIJET device,
  • AAA battery charger,
  • Bluetooth adapter,
  • X-box wireless remote control
  • Accessories, “reference point” labels, ALU angles,
  • FLEXIJET glasses for easier detection of laser beams in the sun

How heavy is it?

The housing of the FLEXIJET device weighs about 16 kg complete with all FLEXIJET components and accessories.

Is the laptop delivered with the system?

No, the customer has to get the laptop himself.

Can I use FLEXIJET 3D outside?

Yes, FLEXIJET 3D can be used outdoors. In bright conditions, you can activate the camera on the LCD screen, which also displays a cross for the laser position. Red laser glasses are also included in the equipment which further enhances the laser point view.

How long does the battery last before charging?

The internal battery of the measuring head will last approximately 8 hours. However, if you overuse the internal motor (e.g., to scan surfaces or perform a series of measurements), the battery life will be slightly reduced. Note that FLEXIJET can also be used while charging.

How long does the charging process take?

FLEXIJET 3D takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Please contact us for further details.

What is the flexijet 3d power software?

FLEXIJET 3D Hardware runs our custom FlexiCAD software. When you purchase FLEXIJET 3D, you will receive one license to install this software on your laptop. FlexiCAD is the “brain” behind the system and provides a number of features and commands that make FLEXIJET 3D a truly innovative measurement system. The software communicates with the measuring head via its own dedicated Wi-Fi network.

Can FLEXIJET measure curved walls or surfaces?

Yes of course! FLEXIJET has a number of unique features that are not available in other systems. And don’t forget, FLEXIJET 3D actually draws your model as you measure. The drawing is a real 3D CAD drawing with lines, polylines, circles, arcs, etc.

Measurement with a FLEXIJET 3D device is not a point cloud, but CAD points, lines and curves that can be used immediately in any compatible CAD program. After the measurement, no additional draft processing is required, as it is the case with point cloud devices.

Laser range

The accuracy of the FLEXIJET 3D is 0.9 mm for every 10 m. That is, at 20 m the accuracy is 1.8 mm, at 30 m it is 2.7 mm, etc. The laser itself can measure more than 150 m, although you would not want that do. It is enough to move the device, get closer to the goal and reposition the device within the measurement via reference points, because in this way the measurement is much more accurate.

What should the customer be aware of?

Service provider Studio Element d.o.o. does all the work for you. You should be sure that no major structural changes will occur after the measurement in your area, as this may change the measurement data which in this case will not be accurate nor can we guarantee the same.

Does a room have to be empty when measuring?

In order for a technician to measure a room with millimetre precision, the room should be empty. At least, this is an ideal case. At least the wall on which the piece of furniture will stand in the future must remain free.

Do all rooms have to be measured?

No. The technician measures the room in which you want to place your future piece of furniture.

Can i measure other rooms?

Yes, the price is formed according to the hourly measurement. Contact our measurement consultants for all offers.

Will there be counselling on the site?

No, the technician only comes to measure the agreed object or space unless otherwise agreed before the measurement itself.

We are currently happy to advise you by phone, e-mail and in our premises at Dolac 1/1 floor.

What happens after the measurement?

As soon as we receive the survey data, your advisor will create a configuration according to the situation and your wishes. They will then send you a non-binding offer for further action. If you have requests for custom-made furniture, of course, you can talk to a furnishing consultant at any time.

What is measurement warranty?

If it is a measurement for the production of furniture that we plan for you and we know the exact dimensions of the room, in our offer we guarantee that everything fits exactly into the space you have planned. Please note that we cannot give any guarantee if, for example, a new floor has been laid or other structural changes have been made after the measurement.

If it is a measurement of another object… What do we warrant?

Can i carry FLEXIJET 3D by plane?

Yes. Studio Element d.o.o. often travels to other countries to demonstrate the device or hold trainings. FLEXIJET is easily loaded on the ship as luggage. As an additional precaution on packaging, we clearly label it as fragile.