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of using the Flexjet device

The staircase of a school

The staircase of a school building in Bochum required the production of solid oak railings. 'Wortmann Stairs' used the Flexijet 3D laser measuring system to accurately template the curved concrete on site. The measured data was exported to the CNC processing center in Balve to produce the handrails from solid oak.
Due to the accuracy of the site measurements with the Flexijet 3D laser measuring system, precise fabrication of the handrails was possible. Every part fitted as expected with no complications during installation.

City Museum

During the extensive renovation of the Dresden City Museum, the complex geometry of the former timber windows created a huge challenge for the company 'Cronttendorfer Carpentry'. The windows were oval shaped and the central glazing bars (millions) were also angled to an apex.
To conduct an accurate site measurement, Angela Martin was hired to create a digital 3D CAD file of the existing windows, using the Flexijet 3D laser measurement system. The windows were sent into production according to the dimensions collected, and the result was perfectly fitted windows.

Fire damaged roof structure

Site measurement of fire damaged roof structure to plan the restoration of the heritage building. After only 7 hours of measuring with FLexjet 3D system, the team was able to create an accurate and detailed 3D CAD file, while using only one-fifth of the time estimated for completion.